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Google Home Hijacking Other Devices

Google Home Hijacking Other Devices

We have a Family plan, and if I ask my Google Home to play something, it plays on Alexa and/or phones that are linked to any given family account member's device.


If I want to listen to something, my son's phone will start playing whateer I request.  This is not good, as it happens when he is asleep, at work, or in class.

We have also had it do this when my mother-in-Law, who does not even live in the same state, listens with her Google Home.


How do we stop this from happening?








Samsung Galaxy 8, Samsung Galaxy 8+, Samsung Note 9, Google Home,  Google Mini, Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Amazon Dot


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Hey there @user-removed,

thanks for reaching out to the community!


For a Family plan to work properly each one of the members should have his own account and be invited by the admin.

If they don't have one, please use this link to sign them up.

Note: All members should be listed under the same physical address.


Attaching the "Premium for Family" help guide for further info on how to manage members of a family plan and using the amazing feature the right way.


Waiting on your update=)



We all have our individual family accounts set up.

My mother-in-law has an entirely unrelated account. It doesn't matter how
many paid accounts there are, if one person requests any device to play
music from Spotify, even if you specify whose account, all devices may
start playing that music.

Hey there @user-removed,

thanks for your patience!


Can you please log into your family plan account and click "Manage Plan" and send a screenshot of the page so i can have better understanding of the issue ?

Any screenshots the might describe the issue you're having can help with solving it.


Waiting on your reply 😃

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