Google Home Mini Promotion still trying to charge full price?


Google Home Mini Promotion still trying to charge full price?

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Yesterday I recieved my email saying that my Google Home Mini was now available. When I follow the link, it brings me to the Google Store. Once I've selected the mini, and go into the checkout, it's still saying that I have to pay full price for the mini, with no apparent signs that the promo code has been applied.


I've looked up some of the other solutions on this website, but following the links provided, and trying to use incognito mode, both didn't work.


Thank you for your time.



Hey folks,


We can see a lot of users are still visiting this page, we just wanted to flag that the Google Home Mini deal is now over in the US. 


We have a similar deal now available in Canada and the UK where users can grab a Google Nest Mini with a Premium subscription (Non-owner accounts of Premium plans like Duo and Family are not eligible).


For more details about the deal, you can head here.


We've now closed this thread, but check out our Ongoing issue if you have trouble with redeeming your device.



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If you want spotify to respond super quick tweet @spotifycares

its super public and hopefully will get other people having this issue on board. I have since solved this issue myself without spotifiys help but an acknowledgement that this was wrong would help a lot of frustration 

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How did you solve the problem?  My link doesn’t even work anymore 

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I'm in the same boat and Veronica and I believe that Spotify isn't going to honor us.  I think the people who abused the system for codes and sold them on Ebay is something that hurt this.  But I would enjoy if Spotify gave me a refund on my family account and switch me back over to student account. I switched over because I had Christmas intentions for the family and this just gives me a bad taste of spotify as a whole.


When I purchased the Family Account it said I would get a Google Home Mini and apparently the promotion had already ended before I did that. I know there is terms but if you cancel a promotion doesn't that mean you stop advertising it? They still used advertisements on the page to get me to sign up for Family Account after @spotifycares has said it was over.


Even going back to this page I have attached I still see that I should get an Email.  Yet I am still waiting.


Definitely considering other alternatives.

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The problem is the promotion has not ended. People are still able to redeem even today. Just not everyone. Literally right before I realized I couldn’t use my link and it was charging me my friend redeemed hers. Very very irritating. 



Even though the code is applied to the item, Google Store is asking for my credit card info to continue. Am I suppose to put my credit card info in? 

Thank you. 



That's what happened on my second attempt. The code was there, showing as a promo code and a $0 total, but it asked for a card and then it auto-canceled on submit. CALL GOOGLE before you submit the order and ask them to walk you through checking out correctly while the code is still applied!


(I'm sure it's too late, but it's sad to see the same thing that happened to me is happening again)


I got email from spotify that google home mini is available. On clicking the link I get redirected to Google store page and it shows 29.99 and delivery charges 9.99 as amount to pay. Can somebody help here how to order the google home as promised by spotify for this offer.

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Spotify is responsible for the promotion and should be held accountable, not Google.


When I tried to contact them, they said they could see my code was attempted to be applied, but it still charges so codes are broken for many.  They need to fix the codes or issue new ones.  Unfortunately they just offer the same canned responses.  


Spotify doesn't care...

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Totally agree, Spotify doesn't care at all, I received an email saying that
they were really looking forward to help me sort it out with the promo
code... 48hrs later... Credit card charged for 52.43$! And no code no promo
no anything... This is by far the worst customer service I have experienced
in my whole life.
Is unaceptable that they don't have a contact number.

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Not just no number, no phone support at all.  I asked in a support chat if someone could call me back and they said they don't do that. A company who is asking for my money better **bleep** be prepared to call me back when there's a problem.  Just goes to show you, we are not their customers, we are the product. 

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I did it... And hours later Google cancelled the order, later by phone they
ask me to place a new order and I did...oh surprise 52.43$ were charged to
my credit card... I call and ask for the refund and wrote about 8 different
email both Google and Spotify support stating my case... 48hrs later I
haven't received any solution... I wonder if I call Apple store and tell
them I would like to change to iPhone and all the other services associated
with them... They may even use my case to advertise how to do something
wrong! And how to get a customer well treated.

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Having a similar issue except the Google home mini was never delivered to me - it got returned to Google due to incorrect address. Contacted Google and Spotify but still no resolution! I want to take advantage of the promotion before it ends! 😣

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I think they’re seriously trying to scam people. My account was hacked ‘ I had to get my email reinstated on Spotify. They cancelled my account so in signing up again with my email, I received the offer. Now they are saying that the offer was sent to the hacked email account therefore I can’t receive “another“ offer!  That’s a lie since the offer was given to me After signing up again with my correct email!

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  • Same problem here, is very annoying, if not solved or contacted in the next day I will cancel my subscription. It is absurd something as simple can not work. 


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I also got the email that said to claim my google home. Saw that "it will be applied at checkout" and then was charged $50 for a google mini thats was "free". Do I get a refund for it? I have been waiting to hear back from google for a while now to cancel it? 


So spotify says google needs to fix it and google says spotify needs to fix it. Since it was spotify's promotion I would think they would figure out google is cancelling there customers order and get it fixed. Sick of the run around. I will be canceling my service and because of the hassle I would like my 99 cents refunded back to me. I feel like I got worked by spotify and I wasted a lot of my valuable time.


It says your issue was solved but I still have not heard from spotify. I signed up for a family plan and was told I was going to get a google home mini. I did buy the google home mini for free successfully then google canceled my order. Now if I go in and try to buy it through the email again it wants to charge full price. This problem is not solved. I have waited over a week for spotify to figure this out. I want my home mini or I will cancel this service. 


I am having the exact same issue. This thread doesnt seem to solve the issue. Have you found anything else out?



Anyone get an update on this? Also getting the same thing. I get to checkout, and it claims its applied the promotion, but it hasn't. Still seeing $49 as my total.

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Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue. I called Google and they asked me to reach out to Spotify.


Pls sir mi familia we need the mini pls i will message u with my email tank u

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Hey folks, 


This is best handled by our support staff who will be able to take a closer look. Please reach out to them here.


All the best!