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Google Home Mini Promotion still trying to charge full price?


Google Home Mini Promotion still trying to charge full price?


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Yesterday I recieved my email saying that my Google Home Mini was now available. When I follow the link, it brings me to the Google Store. Once I've selected the mini, and go into the checkout, it's still saying that I have to pay full price for the mini, with no apparent signs that the promo code has been applied.


I've looked up some of the other solutions on this website, but following the links provided, and trying to use incognito mode, both didn't work.


Thank you for your time.

197 Replies

Not only have I not gotten anywhere with them still, but they have also canceled my account 3 times in 2 weeks!

It was with google support

Same thing happened to us!

Please let me know when a solution is found. It’s not the only reason we upgraded, but the perk was part of the deal! 

What’s the situation status on this?

No one is reading this besides affected customers... We won't get the home
mini from the promo code... This was a complete scam until prove
otherwise... No Google or Spotify will do anything for us... They have our
billing address... Shipping address... And credit card information...
Wouldn't be a nice and incredible surprise that maybe just maybe some honor
the offer and send us our rightfully obtained minis?

I agree that this feels like a scam. Signed up last night to Family since the offer was still valid. No where did I see the wording "or until supplies last", but it just said ends 12/31/18. I have tried several links and have reached out to support and they were very unresponsive and sent me supplemental terms and conditions. If you log onto the Google Store, they have plenty of minis instock, so why is Spotify hiding the fact the offer isn't valid. I would have kept my free account and my husband would have looked into other music providers. It seems very dishonest. I enjoy Spotify but if they have poor service like this, why would I want to pay for something, I can still get most of the benefits from for free? This offer helped to encourage us to pay for Premium. Now I feel like I was lied to as a long time customer.

FrozenOkie my chat was with Spotify support.

Its been two weeks, no update?

No update on this yet?

I just talked to Spotify customer service and they aren't taking responsibility to fix this. The promo ended on the 14th and the supply of Google home minis are gone. I was told that I should have redeemed a promo code and then used it to checkout but I told him that I only received an email with a link to the Google store saying the charge would be taken out during checkout. I asked about a possible solution and was basically told that it would be up to Google. So I wouldn't hold my breath guys but I would still complain very loudly and publicly, this isn't right.

Lets tell a local news channel. That’ll get their attention

This is really despicable since I've seen the promotion is suppose to be
good through 12/31/18 and you can redeem through a date in January.

Since you already received an email though, did you try my solution to get
the discount applied?

This is such a shame.

Maybe you didn't notice...but I did and posted about it.  You were not having the same problem as the rest of us.  My order went through fine and was then canceled.  Clicking on the link now does nothing.  So, your solution might work for a different problem but not the one described here.

I don't know about you guys, but I finally got an email saying they fixed it! It came with a new link. Sure enough, it worked this time around. I highly advise that before you click the link, go to the Google store and make sure you're signed in. Also make sure your payment info, address and phone number are up to date. I get this weird feeling that having to edit any of that info during the checkout process is what caused the issues in the first place. Cheers!

No email for me. Hopefully that changes soon.

I also got an email and the link worked. So glad they made this right. 

Last night I received an email too, it worked somehow in the Google store
and the order was placed and price displayed was 49$ minus -49$ so 0$ paid
or charged. For me that's nothing new, I have done that before and got
cancelled by Google store in the next 24hrs without explanation or reason.
For those wondering, my Google account works perfectly, I have used before
to pay for apps or Google other services like music play so it is not a
problem with that.

Until it ships out, I will keep this grain of salt under doubt...

At least now I have the sensation someone is trying to do the right thing.

I got an email this morning also. I still had to do it in an incognito tab, but it seems to have worked. Hopefully the order doesn't get canceled as some have said. 

I still haven't gotten an email.  I was told the Promo goes until 12/31.  So, when I reached out initially to Spotify, they said to check back a little later.  Been doing it here and there, but the link I originally got does not show the Promo anymore.

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