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Google Home Mini Promotion still trying to charge full price?


Google Home Mini Promotion still trying to charge full price?


Premium Family



My Question or Issue


Yesterday I recieved my email saying that my Google Home Mini was now available. When I follow the link, it brings me to the Google Store. Once I've selected the mini, and go into the checkout, it's still saying that I have to pay full price for the mini, with no apparent signs that the promo code has been applied.


I've looked up some of the other solutions on this website, but following the links provided, and trying to use incognito mode, both didn't work.


Thank you for your time.

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I just asked them to please issue me a new promo code as a test to see if that resolves the issue.  Who wants to bet they won't follow through?  Snigger.....

Spotify support appears to be completely helpless to resolve this issue. The process is broken, hundreds of people do not see the discount in their Google cart, and Spotify support has been helpless to fix it in several weeks. Here is what I receive today after going back and forth 6 times.


"Thanks for getting back to us. We can confirm that your case has been escalated to the highest tier in Customer Support, all communication within this email thread will be from the Executive team from now on.
Currently, we don't offer telephone support. However, we're more than happy to help you via email.
We understand how frustrating this situation can be and we apologize about the delay this is taking and the inconvenience caused. We can confirm that the relevant teams are looking into this and we will let you know as soon as we have an update.
In the meantime, do let us know if you have any other questions.
Take care, 
Executive Team - Spotify Customer Support"

Hey folks,


Thanks for posting about this on the Community and for your patience on the matter.


Spotify is aware of the issue regarding being charged full price for the Google Home Mini offer for Premium for Family subscribers, and the relevant team is currently working on a fix for it. We hope to have this resolved soon!


We will keep you posted on this as soon as we have more information.


Thanks again!

I have gone through every suggestion and link provided and none of them work.  I get the same windows to choose the color and when I check out.  I am still being charged the full price at check-out.  Is there something else we can do?  Can a different promo code be provided?

Thank you . Please let us know. I know this is still being worked on but I never received any follow up after my 2 hour conversation with Spotify and google support last week. I’m glad I found this site though. Hope you guys can get it resolved in time for the holidays.

I am having the exact same issue. This thread doesnt seem to solve the issue. Have you found anything else out?


I am also having this issue... I would LOVE a Google Home Mini. How do I make sure I can take advantage of this offer when it goes live again? 

It says your issue was solved but I still have not heard from spotify. I signed up for a family plan and was told I was going to get a google home mini. I did buy the google home mini for free successfully then google canceled my order. Now if I go in and try to buy it through the email again it wants to charge full price. This problem is not solved. I have waited over a week for spotify to figure this out. I want my home mini or I will cancel this service. 

Just tried again and it's still happening. I also tried manually entering the code that's actually in the URL and it tells me it's already been used, so the issue is definitely Google mistaking the code as being used already. The promo ends soon and if it's not fixed, then I really hope we get some sort of compensation.

Will a new promo code be provided or how is this issue going to be resolved?

I already ordered this, then got another e-mail telling me it was available and now it won't work.  I did this the same day as 2 of my co-workers and they both have theirs already.  I'm not sure why mine was cancelled, but I really want it.  Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Thanks!

I am having the same issue. It wants to charge me a total of $52.43 at checkout. I have had the Family Plan since June. 


Is there a promo code we can manually enter or something? I've tried logging in from 2 different devices, removing it from my cart and adding it again, following the link from the email as well as links from other posts, and nothing has worked. 

After my inital post on here, I contacted Spotify support. They had me try doing it in an icognito tab and it still did not work. They then just told me to watch this board to see if they find a solution.

I ran into the same problem. I went ahead and "bought" it but it still charged me. I then cancelled the order. I think this burned my ticket for the free home mini.

I just chated with someone who said they are aware of the issue and are working on it.  I asked if they would let us know when it was fixed and Kenneth A. said, Yup! Someone from our team will get back to you at the email address associated with your account when we have an update.

It's still trying to charge me full price also, and has been for weeks even after contacting support.


What makes this doubly insulting is that TONS of people are apparently getting these no problem by signing up for new accounts, getting the home mini offer, then cancelling (see article + comments: ).  


How about taking care of your existing family plan customers first Spotify?  I think I have been a subscriber of this plan since May 2015 at least!


(meant to add: it is also awesome that this thread is marked SOLVED)

I have been a premium subscriber for two years now. This promotion finally convinced me to upgrade. I got the link for the Google Home Mini. The instructions said the discount would be applied at checkout. Instead it charged me full price. How do I get a refund? Is the discount free months of service? I feel cheated.

Hey guys,


We really appreicate your patience on this matter. 

The tech folks are still working on this one, so bear with us while they work on a fix for it!


While we still haven't found a solution to this, we did mark the relevant response as a solution purely so that users who visit this thread can stay easily updated on the status of the issue.


We will keep you posted here as soon as we get another update!


Thanks again 🙂


I am also having this issue.  Do I need to log a ticket somewhere to be on record for noting being able to get the promotion?

So spotify says google needs to fix it and google says spotify needs to fix it. Since it was spotify's promotion I would think they would figure out google is cancelling there customers order and get it fixed. Sick of the run around. I will be canceling my service and because of the hassle I would like my 99 cents refunded back to me. I feel like I got worked by spotify and I wasted a lot of my valuable time.

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