Google Home Mini Promotion still trying to charge full price?


Google Home Mini Promotion still trying to charge full price?


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Yesterday I recieved my email saying that my Google Home Mini was now available. When I follow the link, it brings me to the Google Store. Once I've selected the mini, and go into the checkout, it's still saying that I have to pay full price for the mini, with no apparent signs that the promo code has been applied.


I've looked up some of the other solutions on this website, but following the links provided, and trying to use incognito mode, both didn't work.


Thank you for your time.

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I think its bad that we have to keep going after them to get it taken care of, but sure enough they sent me a new link last night after demanding that they send me one ASAP.  I just got an email that it has been shipped and will be delivered in 10-13 days.  We will see....

I got a replacement code this morning, a month after asking for one via support chat.

I loaded up the link, the code wasn't showing, but when I typed in the code from the end of the URL in the email, it showed up correctly. Took the entire charge for the Mini out of the Cart, $0 order. Submitted, waited, email received from Google: order canceled. AGAIN.


I called Google, or had them call me, as that's their quickest support option. They said the cancellation was a payment issue (same as a month ago, even though that was a different credit card, from a different bank, each with enough 'available credit' to buy the thing at full price at the time).


They said there wasn't anything they could do and that Spotify would need to issue a new code... more deja vu... I went to Spotify contact, talked to some chat rep who said they'd email me a new code. Hopefully it won't be a month this time... and hey, maybe it'll work? I don't know which card to use for my $0 transaction this time. At some point I will run out of payment methods.


I got a tracking number for mine now.  Shipped on the 3rd and supposed to be delivered on the 15th.  Didnt know they still delivered by horse....

Oh well its on the way and thats what matters now.

EFDisaster:  When my first order was cancelled, Google Support indicated that it might be related to the fact that I had entered a new credit card during the order (I had never ordered from the Google Store before).  When I got my replacement code from Spotify (3 weeks later), I was able to successfully place the order using the credit card information I had saved from the previous failed order.  So it appears, in my case at least, that having a credit card already saved at the Google Store may have been the key to success.  Your mileage may vary.

It was finally delivered yesterday so there you have it....

If you never received a new email with a new promo code, demand they send you one or else you may not even get it at all.  


Now on to my next Spotify issue....

Looping back to wrap up my story.


I originally posted a reply to the Spotify facebook post where complaints were piling up. They apparently made a point to respond to each of the people on that post, including me. Across several weeks, I occassionally pinged the Spotify facebook support chat window that they'd originally opened with me, just to remind them that I hadn't heard back (but no griping), and each time they responded with some version of "we're working on it, thanks for your patience".


After maybe a month(?) I pinged again and this time they asked for an email address. Within 24 hours I recieved a new promo link via email. I completed the transaction with $0 charge in a regular (non icognito) browser tab, and within about a week the device showed up in the mail.


I was initially upset at the possibility that I'd been bait-and-switched, but after realizing that they were caught off guard by this as well, I kind of let go of the expectation of receiving anything. I happen to know what it's like to be on the other side of a something like this, so I have a large measure of grace to offer, especially considering that they seem **bleep**-bent on resolving each case, however long it takes. And, personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Google's payment system is actually at the heart of this problem, but that's another story...


Best of luck, all. Thanks for all the feedback and tips, it helped me navigate it all.

I think Google's system, the codes themselves, or some combination of the two is at fault. I don't blame Spotify, really, but it is sad that it took a month for them to get me a new code the first time. I guess I'll expect a new code in February.

Several people are resolved. 


Im not. Contacted supirt yesterday and they said “out of stock” BS, he escalated.... terrible 

Can you help me get a link for the free Google Mini, I have been going back and forth with Google and Spotify for almost 2 months now. Original link didn't work and I was charged for the Mini and had to return. Second Mini was cancelled.


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I think everyone's link is different with different unique promo codes that are attached to your account.

Maybe try sending Spotify a message on Facebook messenger.  That was one outlet where they seem to respond.  Tell them you like a new code and give them the email address on your Spotify account.  

Facebook Messenger seems to only let me talk to a robot, it doesn't let me actually type a message to anyone.

Sorry, I went back and looked to see.

Look for SpotifyCares on Facebook.

I don’t have access to a link. I hounded then thru emails & the online chat & then one day I received a link. Good luck.

Spotify chat, twitter and this forum since November 4th when i first attempted has resulted in the following:


1. "we are working on it" - until January 12th

2. another attempt at "chat", on January 12th which finally resulted in an based on all the comments here i thought, "Yay, here comes a link that works!".....only to recieve an email  that says.  "This promo is over, we are out of stock".  (**bleep**)

3. another attempt at chat today (really wish i could have contacted earlier but I do have a full time job and chasing a company with the worst customer service in the history ....well, i had some more time to give them today).... ONLY to be connected with yet anohter un-empathetic support rep, that said, "nothing we can do, and can you provide your Google ID order number?"... Google ID order number?  I never created the order, IT WAS CHARGING ME, why would i have this?  SMH.  To my request, NOT HIS, it's been escalated again.  


This is purgatory, chat to escalation to recieve a non-helpful response from a support escalation team that is sent from a "no-reply" email ....sending me back to chat.  Good times.  I want a Mini or a credit to my account for the cost of the mini.  AND if they really want to make customers feel like we matter.... even more of a credit for the part time job and frustration I (we) have gone through chasing this massive error in trust and lies.

I have been trying to get this done since November 20th, and pretty much the same situation.


1 link that didn't apply discount, another link that was cancelled by Google, repeated requests for assistance and now they are saying the promotion is over.


I have tried emailing Spotify, this community, SpotifyCares on Facebook messenger, Google Chat, Google email.

I have been trying to redeem a free Mini since Nov. 20th, with multiple bad links from Spotify, multiple emails to Spotify support with very slow response only after repeated badgering, Google chat, Google support, this community and SpotifyCares. After Spotify dragged it's feet for 2 months the response I am getting now is that the offer is now over and there is nothing that can be done. The reason it has fallen to out of the offer period is because of the slow response from Spotify support.


It seems to me that Spotify made an offer and the offer didn't work, so Spotify just dragged it's feet until they had an excuse to not honor the offer.

Hey @smoking_angels,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this, and apologies for the wait.


If you have been in touch with our Customer Support team already, rest assured that they have made a case for you and that they will get in touch with you as soon as they have an update on this.


Unfortunately we won't be able to give an exact time when they will get back to you, but the relevant team are working hard to sort this out for you as soon as possible.


Thanks for your patience on this! We'll be glad to hear back from you when you've had this resolved for you.

I do not understand how you Spotify, a 2 billion dollar company. Cannot
give a time frame on a promotion that you Spotify botched. It seems like it
would be more worth it to just give free google homes then to lose this
many users.

I fully understand the support team is doing the best they can with the
resources they have. Kudos to you guys, I bet you don’t get the recognition
you deserve.

I have been a loyal user for over 5 years and today I will be canceling my
account to look for other options. I will also be recommending to friends
and family they find a company that values users.

What if support gives up?

What if they gave me two replacement codes, but google failed to properly redeem either one and they then said they were "... unable to assist you with redeeming a Google Home Mini device any further?" What if I then bought a Daydream from the Google store using the same credit card, just to prove that it's not actually any "problem with the payment info," as Google support insists? What if I put another order into the Google Store for a Home Mini with a personalized gift message that says "You obviously needed the money more than I needed this promotional item.  Enjoy." and sent it directly to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek?

They've just cold dropped it and said 'screw you' to subscribers. Lastest response is that "The redemption period has now passed. Therefore we're unable to process it for you."

What a shitty company. 

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