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Google Home Mini promo

Google Home Mini promo

I just signed up to family share plan that includes the Google Home mini for $.99

Its been a couple of hours now and I have not received the email from Spotify with the link/promo code that is needed to purchase the Google home mini via the Google website.

Is it common for the promo email to take hours to be generated and sent or is there an issue with my account? 

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Neither did I and I signed up about 2 hours ago. From what I've read, people were getting the emails containing the promo code almost immediately. There's a separate link you can use to obtain the promo (, but it gives me an error saying I'm not able to redeem at the moment. I'm gonna guess it's no longer valid at this point...

Thanks for this. I just tried the link you supplied and I get the same message "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment."

I've also spoken to a few folks that took advantage of this promo and they received the email within minutes. 

What to do from here? 


I sent a message to customer support. Unfortunately, I'm not able to add the link to contact support in this message since I'm presented with an error every time I try to add it... *shrugs*


I'll let you know how I make out...

I just had a chat with customer support, according to him, it is just unavailable at this moment, and will be coming back soon. We are supposed to get another email about how to redeem free google home mini.

I searched for a "chat" option but could not find one. How did you chat with them?

go there,


and choose,

3. Contact us. Contact our Customer Support if you don't find a solution on our support site or Community.





Just contact Spofity support. They explain this to me.


"However, I can see that this offer is unavailable at the moment, because of a customer reports buying a code from any source other than Spotify, but should be back soon. This explains why you're unable to get any emails yet."


And we should get an email notification as soon as this offer comes back. We can also check its availability through the link:

So does this mean that we just sit back and wait for the email while Google replenishes their stock?

I think so...

Same problem happened to me last night, just received the Google Home mini email this morning. I was worried they weren't gonna send it at all, glad I was able to get a Charcoal one.

Hey folks,


Thanks for raising this with us on the Community 🙂


This offer is available while stocks last, so we're unable to guarantee availability. If you're still interested in this offer, we'd recommend selecting another color, or checking back a bit later on this link.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions regarding this.

So I never received the email after 1 month, and cancelled my family plan, 


Just spoke to support and this was the answer I was given ( they wouldn't let me get it, but refunded my purchase 😞 


Arjinel B:

I've checked your account and can see that you've canceled your subscription previously.

Arjinel B:

Which is why you're unable to get the Google Home Mini now.

Arjinel B:

The Google Home Mini will only pushed through if you're still currently under the Premium for Family subscription.

blade02892: But when I signed up a month ago I never received an email to claim it
Jefferson Drapkin: Which is when the promotion started
Arjinel B:

Sometimes, there's a delay with the email that we're sending.

blade02892: So I will be unable to claim it?
Arjinel B:

I'm afraid that you no longer be able to get it since you've already canceled the subscription.

blade02892: Ok but the only reason I signed up was to receive the home mini, so i paid money and was not given what the promotion promised to give
blade02892: That seems like false advertising
Arjinel B:

I'm sorry for the confusion caused.

Arjinel B:

However, as one time courtesy, I'd be glad to process a full refund and

Arjinel B:

revert your account to the Free tier.

blade02892: Yes please do

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