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Grayed out song - I’m desperate!

Grayed out song - I’m desperate!

Hi Spotify-Community,


I have a problem since weeks and Spotify support can’t find the problem!

It’s really frustrating.


I have Spotify Premium Family with 6 accounts an my issue is:


I login with Account Nr. 1.

I’m searching for a playlist, I can find it and I can listen every song without any problems.


I logout and login with Account Nr. 2. (same device, same connection, same everything….)

I’m searching for the exact same playlist as before. I can find it but now a lot of songs are grayed out and I can’t play that songs.


Switch back to Accounts Nr. 1 - everything is ok again, no problems.


I tried really everything what I found but nothing helped.

- Spotify deleted and reinstalled

- compared all settings between the 2 accounts 

- cache deleted

- logged in and out

- tried on other devices 


Always the same problem and it drives me nuts!


I really hope that someone have an idea and can help me.


Thank you very much!










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Hey @Sebisanu,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this and for the troubleshooting you've done so far!

There are a few possible reasons as to why these songs might show as grayed out on one of the accounts and give an error when tried to be played.


The tracks that you want to play might be marked as Explicit on Account №2. If you have that type of content blocked - tracks will be automatically skipped. You can read more about switching off that filter here.

It's also possible that these songs were marked as "Don't play this'' on this account at some point - and if that's the case you can follow the steps here to unmark them. 


If you still can't play them, we'd appreciate it if you share the make, model, OS version and Spotify version of the device you're using, so we can investigate further.

Hope this info helps!

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Hi Lyubka,


Thanks for your help! 
Unfortunately this is not the problem.


my device is an IPhone 13 Pro, OS version 15.6.1 and Spotify


Thank you!

Hey there @Sebisanu


Thanks for your reply.


Just to confirm, are you using any VPNs? If so, we suggest disabling it while using the app since it can affect the app's performance. 


On another note, would you mind checking if the same happens on a different device as well?


Lastly, sending us some screenshots of how the same songs appear on Account 1 and Account 2 would come in handy. You can attach them to your next response by using the Insert image option in the post editor. Make sure not to send any private info.

We'll be on the lookout.

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there is no VPN.

Yes, on any device is the same. It doesn’t matter if Desktop, IPad, etc.


See pictures. One account with grayed out songs and the other one is normal (same Family Account).




Hey @Sebisanu,


Thanks for the reply and the screenshots.


It seems the issue is somehow connected to your account. In such a case it'd be best to contact our customer support team so they can aid you in the creation of a new account and the subsequent content transfer from the old account on the new one. You can find out how to reach them here


Hope this helps,



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