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Have not received code for Google home mini after signing up for family

Have not received code for Google home mini after signing up for family

I signed up for the family plan for me and my wife and haven't received my email for my Google home mini. It's been a week?





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Have the same problem! Checked other bogs and there was a link to register, but if you click on it now it says the offer is no longer available... Why advertise something and not have it available for customers

I've posted this in other threads. This is the most info I have gathered right now.


There is talk about how spotify have stopped the promotion abruptly sometime in the last week. They did have the right to do this under the conditions of the second clause in the terms of this event. I believe that Spotify isn't going to honor us.  I think the people who abused the system for codes and sold them on Ebay is something that hurt this.  But I would enjoy if Spotify gave me a refund on my family account and switch me back over to student account. I switched over because I had Christmas intentions for the family and this just gives me a bad taste of spotify as a whole.


When I purchased the Family Account it said I would get a Google Home Mini and apparently the promotion had already ended before I did that. I know there is terms but if you cancel a promotion doesn't that mean you stop advertising it? They still used advertisements on the page to get me to sign up for Family Account after @spotifycares has said it was over.


Even going back to this page I have attached I still see that I should get an Email.  Yet I am still waiting.


spotify reciept.PNG

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