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Haven't been able to add my family after paying for a couple months

Haven't been able to add my family after paying for a couple months


Premium for Family

Country USA


Device Galaxy 8+


Operating System Android



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 I am so frustrated!  I have had spotify premium forever.  I wanted to get my daughter her account for Christmas.  It has been three months trying to get her connected.  NO LUCK!  I can't even verify the address I entered.  I didn't really understand what I was doing when I entered it.  I have no idea how to fix this.  I cancelled my plan as I have been paying for like 3 months for a service I haven't used!  


When we get the email to add my daughter it won't even let us submit the questionnaire.  



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We had a similar issue. It was tremendously frustrating to pay more per month and feel like we couldn't access what we were paying for. 


Then I had a break through, during a moment of frustration and stuborness. 


What I learned was that it's most helpful if each family memeber sets up their own, free, account BEFORE you send them the invite code via email. 


Otherwise, it's like they go in circles trying to connect to spotify. 


If you've still got some energy to give it one more try, give this method a try. 


And I know you probably already looked at the help site. Of all the articles that I read, this one was the most useful [snipped from this page]: 


  • Here are some things to check first:

    • If you’re accepting the invite on the same device it was sent from, make sure the owner who sent the invite has logged out of their account page first.
    • If you didn’t receive an email with the link, be sure to check your junk/spam folders.

    Still not working? Try resending the invite:

    Note: Only plan owners can send invites. If you’re trying to join a plan, you need to ask the owner to complete these steps.

    1. Go to your Premium for Family account page and select the member you want to re-invite.
    2. Click RESEND INVITE.
    3. If that doesn’t work, click CANCEL INVITE and re-invite the member by clicking SEND INVITE, and re-entering their details.


Hope this helps! 

DerivativePod 😃

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