Help With Family Account Please

Help With Family Account Please


Here is my dilemma...


I have my brother on a shared account and he has me shared as part of his A.M.A.z.O.n. Prime account. Everytime I go in to my account, I see his Echo. I figured out how to remove his Echo now. My question is, why is it that when I'm playing music and he turns the app on and wants to listen to his music through his Echo, it's take over my Spotify (Meaning that it will stop playing what I'm playing and his music will start playing on his Echo).


It's very frustrating ... 


Am I doing something wrong here or misunderstanding how this family share works. 


Any assistance please, I would greatly appreciate it

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Hey there @muratculous,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


Keep in mind that each family member in a Premium for Family plan needs to have their own Spotify account. You can get more info regarding this in this Spotify Answer.


Once you each have your individual Spotify account set up and joined in the Family plan, you can enjoy the Premium perks, including listening music on your devices uninterrupted and personalized content like Discover Weekly.


Let us know how you get on 🙂

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Thank you for taking the time to read and reply. My brother and I were regular members before I decided to do the family plan and then add him to my family plan. What can I do or check?


Hey @muratculous.


Thanks for getting back to us.


Is playback being interrupted on your Spotify account by your brother's account only  when using the Echo device, or is it also happening when you are not connected to the Echo?


In any case, could you make sure that you are both using your accounts on your respective devices by logging out and logging back in using your own credentials?


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here in case you need fruther help with this.

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