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How can I filter or disable podcasts on kids accounts?

How can I filter or disable podcasts on kids accounts?

I have turned of explicit content on the kids accounts on my family plan. However, this apparently doesn't work for podcasts. I don't want them listening to filth and erotica. How do I filter those out or turn off podcasts for those accounts?
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This issue has been around for years it's disgraceful that Spotify have done jack about it. Then again they have done nothing about hifi as well I feel they are just happy to collect our money 

Turning off podcasts absolutely needs to be added. I have a 9 year old who I want to be able to listen to music, but he is constantly watching mindless junk on the podcasts on Spotify. For now we just have to lock him out of it entirely, but that's a stupid solution. I'm pretty surprised that this hasn't been addressed on your end. You should have a master account and the ability to set family settings for the other users we are paying to have.

I'll add that this has been 1-1/2 year since it was posted here. Pretty disappointing for a huge company to be so slow to make important changes regarding the safety of children.

I'll also add that Spotify Kids is hot garbage with no real usability compared to the normal app. Just allow a guardian account over other accounts on the normal app.

This is absolutely unbelievable and totally unacceptable?! Just signed up to Family today on the basis we can filter explicit content, but ... oh ... no you can't. This makes no sense at alI and exposes young children to completely inappropriate content that makes them less safe. My friend, who doesn't listen to podcasts, didn't know what her daughter had access to this sort of content (having carefully filtered out explicit lyrics)  and is now deleting her account too. How many parents don't know this?  I now have a very frustrated daughter who thought she was getting music, and I'm now taking it away from her. I'm so angry.  I'm asking my husband to cancel Family minutes after we paid for it. I am also going to write to journalists I follow who frequently write about or discuss child safety in their programmes in the hope a bit of publicity gets directed Spotify's way.

Apple Music. Same price, same number of family members, vastly superior controls. We're cancelling our premium plan as well and switching over as a family.

This 'solution' gives nothing to teenagers. How can I choose, for my 13 year old, either jingles and nursery rhymes or potential exposure to violence and **bleep**?

Ha. I love the way the abbreviation for pornography is filtered out for adults on this community forum, but not actual content in this subject area for teenagers using spotify. It's all wrong.

This is an issue for us as well. My kid had Spotify without restrictions because i think listening to music is good. I dont however let him watch video podcasts without restrictions.

Also Spotify kids is apparently not available in my country, so that isnt a solution. Ill might have to ditch Spotify if no other solutions come up.

Same here. We decided that our 9 year old son should be able to listen to music using Spotify. We bought a player that allows us to to just add the Spotify app. Result after 6 months: He's just endlessly watching Minecraft videos, he adjusts himself to the stupid slang of these brainless podcasters. We just want him to listen to music and that's all!

Kids account? Yeah right. As mentioned by many others, this cuts out everything from the app, discovering music and developing an own taste is not possible anymore.


I do think that more users need to post their experience with that. Social media should be used to make this topic more visible. Spotify won't react if there is no public attention. As you can see it here - support employees will just solve tickets but this won't be escalated to a higher level. I am no social media person but maybe someone has the knowledge (and audience) to get this going.

My kids notified that it was pushed by Spotify to watch suicide promotion content addressed on kids. Spotify is supporting this practice by not addressing this issue.

Holy cow… just found this loophole my daughter has been exploiting for god knows how long. 18 months of inaction on the part of Spotify to solve this. Insane! Do I really have to cancel my account to solve this? I’ve been on this platform for 6-8 years! Spotify, get**bleep** together!

I’d like to filter out specific podcasts so my kids can’t listen but it doesn’t have to do with bad or inappropriate language. There should be a way for me to exclude individual podcasts purely based on my choice. 






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I am so sick of Spotify recommending music and podcasts that have explicit content (even though my "remove explicit content" filter is toggled on. Podcasts should and NEEDS to have a toggle off feature, not just music with swear words which is light of things is NOTHING compared to having sexual content on podcasts. SERIOUSLY!  My tween daughter and son who absolutely love their appropriate music selections should not have **bleep** PODCASTS recommended for them.  And Spotify makes it impossible to keep my kids safe from this. Shame on you Spotify.


Adding one more voice to the need to restrict or block videos in Spotify. Our kids are too old for the kids app, which met the need up to about 5 years old.Elementary school age kids and older are too old for the kids app, and we want them to be able to access the music to listen to when they want to. What we DON'T want is another app with video content! Especially one with zero controls. We've been Premium Family subscribers for years, but this is breaking our trust in Spotify

This is still a problem. Some podcasts are marked explicit, but not all, so blocking explicit content isn't a solution. Today I discovered an explicit podcast being recommended on the kids' account. All they had to do was click play. Thankfully they haven't (too young to know where to look at this point), but I can't take that chance. And the Spotify Kids app isn't available on the devices they use (laptop & TV streaming box). Not sure what to do about this. Disappointed and frustrated. 

We actually now moved away from Spotify to a different provider (whole family) because of the issue. If there is no option to disable podcasts in the parental controls, there is no way we are going back (sadly).


Please unmark this as a solution. It is not a solution. It is an excuse. You are letting kids hear things they shouldn't, and letting them watch videos when they shouldn't because. You refuse to implement parental controls. You don't have a solution. This is still not solved.

I can't believe this is still a problem. 1 Allow us to turn off podcasts, or at least to turn off videos. Also Audio books are just as bad, there are free **bleep** audio books, they aren't labeled explicit so of course my kids found them. You guys need to fix this. You don't have parental controls, but you need them. I can't give my 13 year old the kids account, and I can't let him watch videos labeled podcasts all night, and I can't stop him from listening to free **bleep** books. How about you fix that.

It seems like spotify really hates kids. Try another service

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