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How can I fix my Family Mix recommended songs?

How can I fix my Family Mix recommended songs?



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So we have moved to a family account a month ago. I had moved back to this account as it was more secure because it’s linked to my Apple. I had previously used this account in 2018, listening to both dance/electronic and Rap, listening to people like both Pitbull and PnB Rock


However I had made a new account that year, which consisted of only Rap/Trap/R&B, and 90% of my songs are now PnB Rock and people very similar to his style. 


I had transferred my songs from that account to this account and removed all the old songs. After a few days of using this account and listening to my playlist, the discover weekly etc sorted itself out. However, the family mix won’t sort itself out and I am only getting Dance/Electronic songs that I listen to back in 2018. Is there any way I can sort it out?

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Hey there @Blowerss_


Thank you for your post here in the Community.


The Family Mix combines music you and the other members of your Family plan listen to. It comes preloaded with genres, artists, and songs you’ve all played on your own,


We suggest that you keep on listening to your music since the mix will update the more you play.


If you have any questions we're always one reply away.



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