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How can I turn off a child's access to video

How can I turn off a child's access to video

I want to stop my child being able to access video, youtube etc on their Spotify profile. I have a family plan.
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Hey there,


Thanks for reaching out.


First of all, pleas keep in mind that Spotify is meant to be used by individuals older than 13-14 years of age, depending on the country/region you're in. So if the belongs to a child younger than that, they would have to use Spotify Kids instead.


If you're referring to the Canvas feature, you can turn this off in the Spotify mobile app settings, under Playback. If you're not seeing this option, please update your Spotify app 🙂


And if referring to the new feature of music videos, you can use the option called "switch to audio" in order to not play the video. However, this has to be done manually on each song as there's no option to disable them all at the moment.


I hope this helps!

MaximSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Spotify has allowed tiktok-like videos to flood its platform, and now parents can't allow free access to music for their young kids anymore.
"Spotify Kids" is for kindergarden.

You need to add an option to let parents disable videos on their kids' accounts asap!

Hi @Nooker


Thanks for reaching out!


As @Maxim mentioned currently no option exists to completely disable videos for all music content so we would suggest posting an idea about it on our Ideas Board. If enough users get behind your idea we can forward it to our tech teams to be looked into and hopefully implemented!



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There's already an idea posted since over a year but nothing happens..

Opening the platform to YouTube/Tiktok style content has completely ruined Spotify. With parental discretion it used to be suitable to give Tweens and Teens acess to a world of music. It's now become just another addictive platform filled with **bleep** content of video games played played online, mindless shouting, all the rubbish you can at least limit and control in other apps with teen pairing.


We've used Spotify for years. For me it just lost it's only point of differentiation and is now just more of the same rubbish. Congratulations on the colossal fail.

Third time. I have to be fast... Captcha kills my commenting. I agree with you.... "An Unexpected Error has occurred."

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