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Husband can’t use Spotify same time as me

Husband can’t use Spotify same time as me

I upgraded to family account last week and sent my husband the invite. He set himself up and it worked fine first time but since then as soon as one of us starts using Spotify the other can’t use it at the same time. Any idea?

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Hi @Mozartova1. Sorry to hear that you two are having troubles. It sounds like you both may be trying to share the same account. A Spotify Family subscription allows you and up to five others residing at the same address to share a single premium subscription, but not a single account. Please make sure that your husband has his own account (he can sign up here if he doesn't), and then he can accept the invite from you by logging in to his own account.


Once that is done you'll both be able to enjoy all of the features of premium at the same time as one another. If you have any other question, this FAQ page may be helpful, or feel free to reach out.


Hope this helped!

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