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I can't invite additional family members

I can't invite additional family members


Premium for Family


New Zealand



Tried on various devices

Operating System

Tried on various OS and browsers


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 The first family member I sent an invite to received it and accepted and works fine. But every invite since seems to work from my end (the account owner) but no invitation is ever received so can't be accepted. The invite within my account remains greyed out as if the invite is sent but not accepted. I have tried removing the invite and resending it. I have tried on both mac and PC. I have tried on different browsers. Frustrating not being able to get directly to a support person about this. I love Spoifty but this issue has me considering other alternatives where by I can get support. Anyone got any solution to this issue?




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Hey @gflan, and welcome to the community.

Hope you're doing great!


I'm sorry to hear that, but no worries - I'll be happy to help.

Do you already have 5 people on Premium for Family? Also, does this person live at the same address?


Could you also send me a screenshot of the error messages being shown? Make sure to hide sensitive info when posting to the community.


Keep me posted 🙂 

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Thanks for offering to help. 


No I do not have 5 people. I have myself as the ower and my wife as the first invitee successfully connected. My brother and my son who both live with us at the same address have also been sent invites and in the account overview they are showing greyed our with the message "invite sent to...". But no email was recieved by them to accept. There was no error message. Simply I send the invite and no invite is recieved so there is no way for them to accept. Odd because it worked with my wife but I can't invite anyone else. We have tried various email addresses, browsers, OSs. 




Hey @gflan.


Thanks for getting back to us with that information and for being patient.


Can you ask yourbrother and son to check their spam folder to see if the invite hasn't ended up there by accident? 

Also, have the rest of your family members (those who can't join) already got a Spotify account linked to the email address to which you are sending the invites? if not, then they need to make an account first in order to be able to receive and accept the invitation. If they already have an account, could you make sure that you are sending the invite to the right email address?


Let us know how you get on. We'll be right here if you need anything 🙂

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