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I can't join my family's family plan

I can't join my family's family plan






Desktop PC, Xiaomi A1
Operating System

Android Oreo, Windows 10 64-bit 

My Question or Issue

Last month, my family decided to go with the family plan instead of paying individually. Hence, my parents invited me to their family plan. At first, everything works well. That is until about like a week ago, Spotify sent me an email asking me to very my address, but I didn't notice it until the link was expired. 
Long story short, Spotify reverted my account back to the Free User status.
Since then, I've tried to invite myself back to the family plan, but Spotify keep giving me this error message:
"Kamu tidak bisa bergabung dengan paket Family ini. Perlu bantuan? Baca Pertanyaan Umum kami."

I clearly live in the same address with my family.
I can and willing to give all the needed personal documents in order to prove it.

I hope I can get a solution ASAP, thank you in advance.

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Hey @Kookys, help's here. 


If you live with your parents but weren't able to verify your account, we suggest that you turn to our support team who will be able to have a closer look. You can find them here.


Hope that helps! 🙂

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