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I wanted to change Premium Plans, but was told I CAN'T

I wanted to change Premium Plans, but was told I CAN'T

I see now that i can write a longer message.

Hi Spotify,

User here. I am writing in regard to something i NEVER  thought would happen with your app.

Spotify is my favorite app, i use it on a daily basis. I have severe anxiety that can only be calmed with music. 

I recently wanted to join a different Premium Plan, a family one with my ACTUAL family. For the past few months, I joined a plan made with former classmates. A few weeks ago, my parents discovered Spotify and were so thrilled to make a premium plan I could join. I was so excited to share this experience with them and just found out I can't because of your policy which states I can't join another plan for 12 MONTHS, which is insane. I am disappointed in your app, something I'd never thought I'd say.

Please, take this into consideration and help me.

With respect,


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This is truly a heartbreaking story.....

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