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Kicked out of Family Plan

Kicked out of Family Plan

A week or 2 ago, I had keyed in the wrong address on my brother's family plan and contacted Spotify to get it changed back. They said that they have settled the issue, but now I am kicked out of the family plan. Any advice?


I am quite displeased as the support person said the issue was dealt with.

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Hey @Aug911! Thanks for writing.


In this case, can you ask your brother to revoke your current invite, and send a completely new one? Once that's done try accepting it from an incognito window on a desktop PC. Keep in mind that you need to live in the same physical address of the plan's owner in order to be part of it.


Let us know how everything works out 🙂

Hi @JulianObsidian,

I had my bro send me a new invite but still its not working out. After
keying in my personal details, a message will appear "3 - Oops something
went wrong, please try again."

Any more ideas?


Best regards,
Augustinne Wong

As part of our Terms & Conditions for the Premium for Family, all members must reside at the same physical address.


We'd recommend you get in touch with us via this contact formYou can also find us on Facebook or Twitter.


Give us a shout, we'll be happy to help.

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