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Kicked out of Spotify family

Kicked out of Spotify family



Together with my roommates we created a Spotify family. At first it work perfectly but suddenly I got kicked out of the plan. I have read that this is because my address could not be veridied but unfortunately I have never received this email. I have sent Spotify an email via the contact form over two weeks ago but so far I have not received an answer. At this point I'm really frustrated, how can I get back into my family since I am paying for it?! 

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I have exactly the same problem, I got kicked out because my address was not verified, while noone asked me to verify my address. The new invite to the family does not work, how can I get back to the family account?

Hi again,

In the end I wrote the customer suppert at the support.spotify and they helped me to solve the issue in real-time. They have to allow your account to rejoin in the 'backstage' as they called it. I have already re-joined.

Good luck!


Thanks for letting me know! Do you mean you filled out the contact form?

Yes, through the contact form. I got to the page where I could start a chat, like this one...


Thanks so much!!

Hey @OlaB.


We're glad to hear our Customer Support team were able to help you out 🙂


If there's anything else you need help with, we'll be right here.


Take care,



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