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Kicked out of family plan AGAIN

Kicked out of family plan AGAIN


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 I live with a couple of friends in the same appartment. We are all in the same family plan, but 2 of us constantly get kicked out. We've tried to make a new account, but still the same issue. After a week or so we get the mail to verify our adress, which we do & SPOTIFY ACCEPTS THE VERIFICATION. All of a sudden a week later i get kicked out because 'they couldn't verify my adress'. like why? this is already the second time this has happened. I see this issue popping up a lot on the forum, how exactly does spotify decide to kick someone out or not? Especially in this case where I actually verified my adress, but still got kicked out. Y'all need to do something about this!!

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Hey there @Samou,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


All members of a Premium for Family plan must reside at the same physical address.


If we’re unable to verify the members of a Premium for Family plan based on the information you provided, the members may be removed from the plan.


If this happens, you can restore your Premium features by upgrading to a standalone Premium subscription. 


Let us know if that helps 🙂


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