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Larger families (Additional family plan spots?)

Larger families (Additional family plan spots?)

Hi I come from a father large family, there’s 8 of us in total. (Parents and 6 kids.) I have a family account currently which fills up most of our needs but still a little short. I was wondering if there was any options for purchasing extra spots within the family plan. Like add another account for an additional $2 or something along those lines. Since I know you just also need to make your money of of it too. 

If not do you have any plans of adding something like that in the future. Thanks in advance for your time!

2 Replies

Hey @kitty411, welcome to the Community!


That's currently not possible, but we'll definitely let our team know it's something you'd like to see. 


For now, you can suggest this idea on this board to get support from other users.


Hope that helps 🙂

Is there a way to increase the family members above 6 for an extra premium yet

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