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Member of a family receiving warning about the head of the plan not paying the bills

Member of a family receiving warning about the head of the plan not paying the bills


Family Premium 6 peopple




All devices.

Operating System

All OSs


My Question or Issue

I am part of a family premium group. All other people on the group has access. For me there is a warning the the head of the family has problem paying the bills but this is not true. It is all payed and I don't have access. How do I solve this?

erro na minha acc.jpg
plano ok.jpg
lista de usuarios no plano.jpg
9 Replies

Your monthly membership payment may have been declined due to an issue with your card or other form of payment. Once you fix any payment issues, the system will automatically try to charge you again and restore your access to your membership benefits.


There is no issue in the payments of the head of the family as you can see in the second screenshot. Everyone on the plan has spotfy family premium working, but me.

try to re-join the family plan

Already did it 2 times already, as soon as I join, the red warning is there.

Logged off in all devices and logged in and still the warning.

Checked the billing method and billind history and everything is ok.

All other members are ok, just me has no access to the family premium features.

I woul like to mention I was a individual premium subscriber, canceled to join my wife's family plan.

It worked for few months then I am getting this message.

contact a spotify moderator, manager,or a star and see if they can help you further than me. 

How do I contact a spotify moderator?

here's the link

Hi there @dcsnunes 


I'd be happy to answer your question. It's possible that you had some lingering failed payments before joining and now the system thinks these are still due. Don't worry, you won't be charged anymore. Double check your receipts page to see when this might have happened. If plenty of time has already passed, but the error remains, you can reach our support team here so they can double check this for you.


Hope this clears things up.

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that's much better of explaining then me thank you for helping out and keep on doing what you do! 😉


if this answers your question  hit the "Accept as Solution"., maybe give me a Like. follow myspotify account link2.png? and community account here. keep up the good work  and keep on growing the community! love you all!!


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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.


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