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Military families using Spotify for Family

Military families using Spotify for Family


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I just finished speaking to someone via spotify chat support, but my issue was not resolved. I'm sure this doesn't come up too often,  but it is still very inconvinient that Spotify Family is NOT MILITARY FRIENDLY. 


My husband is currently deployed, and we just found out that since spotify actively checks his location that he can NOT be on my family account; because he is overseas. For one, this is not a sitation where I would possibly be able to be with him. To make matters worse, he uses his spotify MOST while we are separated, so it is ESPECIALLY INCONVENIENT to him at this time. Worst of all, he is going to have several deployments over the course of his career, so why is there no accessible way to NOT have an issue with our account each time?


My husband was given two months of premuim credited to his account as a sort of 'compensation' for the time being, but his deplyment is much longer than two months; so when the time comes for him to return home - which is about 24 hours of total travel time - I dont know what he should expect to be done. The fact that there is no was to bypass or override this when reaching out to spotify for help is VERY unfortunate, as it renders Spotify for Family completely useless in the case of all military families. 




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Hey @XavaUnbound, thanks for writing.


Keep in mind that the main requirement for our Premium for Family plan is that all family members have to live in the same physical address. <snip - Mod edit>


However, do keep in mind that Spotify might send a verification email to both your and your husband's email addresses in order to verify the address registered on the plan. All you have to do is enter the same address that you did when you created the plan and sent the first invitation.


<snip - Mod edit> There's more info on the Family plan on our support site


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day 🙂

Hi Julian, sorry I didn't see this sooner. 


I thought this would be that simple when I contacted support in the first place, but I was told that my husband's location was checked, and his physical location over-rided the address he entered. I even considered that perhaps we were using the wrong address, but I was able to verify with support that we were both entering the correct one. 


If I was previously misinformed, please let me know as I'd be THRILLED to tell my husband that there's a way around this. 

Hey @XavaUnbound,


Sorry for the confusion here. Right now all family members need to live at the same physical address to be eligible for the Family plan. We know this isn't ideal for you, and we've passed your feedback over to the right team. 


If there's anything else we can do to help, just let us know.




Writing this post in 2020 and it seems that for the past two years, Spotify has not done anything for our military families. I am horrified to learn that I’ve been giving my money and supporting a business that does not support our military families. I wouldn’t have known if my fiancé wasn’t away on deployment like your husband was two years ago. This is unacceptable. Also because the chat representatives said or rather wrote the same scripted comments you were told. I am taking my business somewhere else that supports our military families.

Writing this post in 2022 now because I'm military stationed overseas as well, looking for a solution for the new Familiy plan I just signed up for so my family can use it, only to find out that since I have a US based account and billing address, and despite putting my current overseas physical address into my account profile, my family members cannot join the account because they're "in another country."  I spoke to customer service chat and their only solution was to use "local payment" so my account and billing address match our physical country. I understand this may be a relatively niche issue for Spotify, but there should certainly be technical exceptions available for the US military community and others in similar situations.

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