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Moving Playlists from Premium to individual Premium Family members

Moving Playlists from Premium to individual Premium Family members


We (family of 4) have had Spotify premium for years and each of us has our own playlists on the one account.  Now the children are older we've upgraded to Premium Family so they can listen to their music at the same time in their own rooms. The big problem the heck do we move our individual playlists from the original account, to our new personal accounts? There must be a way to do it, it seems like it should be a ridiculously easy thing to do, but I can't find anything anywhere that tells me how. 

Any help please?!

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Hi there,


You can share the links of the family members' playlists so the family members can follow the desired playlists.

Alternatively, just make the playlists public (if not already) and then have the family members to visit the profiles with the playlists using their own account to follow it.


Hope this helps! 

Its 2019, surely there is a way the Premium Family account manager can click on each playlist and assign or move them to individual member accounts?! We can't be the only family to have ever experienced this. 

Unfortunately, this isn't possible at the moment but this sounds like a good idea.

I’d suggest starting a new thread in the Community Ideas Exchange. 🙂

This’ll allow users, Stars, and Moderators to vote and comment on it. 

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