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My Spotify Premium has suddenly stopped working

My Spotify Premium has suddenly stopped working

Any idea why ? I just come back from a trip abroad, and it asked me to reconnect, I could recall my password or it didn't (as often for login on Spotify) and so I had to reset my password and now it says I am Free, I got commercials. I have had Premium since many years. I am surprised/ Many thanks!

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Hi @angelijn

Not to worry, your Premium hasn’t disappeared - it sounds like you might’ve accidentally created a second account and signed into that one instead. I'd recommend checking out the FAQ page "Can I create multiple accounts?" here for more info.

Hope this helps!

Hello, thanks but no. It is the same user name with numbers, I save my
login. And on Spotify I can still see my playlists. Though on my phone I
can not play them.

I see that you posted on Premium for Family board. Is your subscription part of a family plan? In this case, can you check with the owner of the plan if your account is still in the list of members? If not, he needs to re-invite you back to the plan.


Otherwise, can you please check the receipts page and bank/PayPal statements to see if you have successfully made a payment for the month. If not, you can upgrade to Premium again.


hello. thanks but no one is part of my account, it has always been me only.

What about the last payment then. Was it sucessfull? Do you see the receipt for the last month?

I have had no explanations on what happened. Nothing unusual but just my subscription stopped. I  was alone on it so it can not be anyone else. I just had to relaunch my subscription. I suspect, though, that it is because I changed country 1 year ago but no one explained me anything 😕

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