My app won’t work

My app won’t work

None of the below information is required. However, the more you provide the easier it will be for us to try and help.
iPhone 14 Pro Max

Operating System
(iOS 16.3

My Question or Issue
My app won’t load at all. Hasn’t been able to load since Wednesday. I open the app & it stays on the opening page with just the logo showing for ages. I thought it was a payment issue as I hadn’t paid this months fee, but since paying it nothing has changed. It still won’t load & allow me to use the app. 

Any & all help is welcome. I have reached out via twitter, but I haven’t heard anything back. I just want to get back to using the app asap. 

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Hi there!

Does this happen on multiple connections? Does another device work on the same network?

If this is the case, I'd recommend a clean install of the app.


Let me know how it goes!

Honestly I’m not sure, but I’ll try the clean install you’ve suggested. 


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