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 Hi, My offline songs keep being deleted from my playlists and I've seen that this seems to be a problem for alot of people. I want to keep some playlists as offline for my Macbook and some playlists as offline on my Phone but it seems that there is an issue in having a difference in this. My main issue is that I now live in Indonesia where my only source of internet is my phone data and chewing through my data to re-download songs I have already downloaded isn't the best. 

Is there an actual fix for this? I'm thinking of switching over to Google Music as I've heard this isn't a problem for them

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Hey @herbertpatrick, welcome to the Community!


Check out the info listed in this article for more info on what to do when your downloads are removed unexpectedly.


Hope that helps 🙂


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I've had the same problem and I've noticed over the past couple years that some of my songs are missing. It might be because I have my computer updating at different times then as my phone. Most of the time I just have to re-add the songs.


Long term issue which has been happening for years!  I have seen it on both android and iOS.  On a Samsung phone for example it happens almost every time you power down or restart your phone.  It is less frequent but also happens on iOS.


What frustrates me is the number of posts that Spotify mark as resolved when it clearly has not been.  Either they cannot fix it or they are not trying.