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Offline use expires immediately with a family subscription

Offline use expires immediately with a family subscription


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I recently joined our family subscription of Spotify Premium. I am the fourth person in the family group. 

When I click on my account I see the subscription status as premium family and all seems to be in order. However, I can’t access the offline feature. I am able to download music and playlists normally to my device, but anytime I turn off wifi and mobile data, the songs become grayed out and unplayable, even the ones that are downloaded to my device.


Once in a while I get a pop up that says offline use has expired and that I need to go online for them to verify I’m a premium user. I am often online and connected to wifi and mobile data, but nothing changes - the next time I turn on airplane mode I’m again stranded without my offline playlists.


I have logged out and back in, deleted the app and reinstalled, turned phone off and on, cleared Spotify cache… However, nothing seems to help and I’ve struggled with this problem for a month now. Please help. 

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Hey there @riikkanen,


Thanks reaching out to us and providing us with all this detailed info.


After all troubleshooting you've tried, it sounds like this might be caused some corrupted cache  on your account from our end. We recommend reaching out to our Support team through any of these channels to check if that might be causing this.


We hope it gets sorted out soon. If you have any questions, give us a shout.


Take care.

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When I try to launch spotify offline (I have an Iphone X) I am unable to listen to anything, the songs are downloaded. This also happens when I go offline for about 30 minutes. The music will stop and it wont work until I go back online. I have restarted my device, and deleted and reinstalled the app several times now.

this has been happening to me too I can’t stand it it’s been like two weeks now, I’ve deleted and downloaded my songs like 5 times now and restarted the app and nothing happens. Every once in a while a notification that says “

Offline Use Has Expired

To access your downloaded content, please go online now. This will allow us to confirm that you're still a

Premium user. Thanks.

Go Online

Stay Offline”


I go online and nothing happens and i still can’t listen to music offline I’m tired I just want to listen peacefully without internet and I can’t.

Hey folks,


Thank you for your posts.


The issue you're describing seems odd and we'd suggest that you follow the steps previously mentioned by @ElenaOur teams should be able to take a closer look into the matter and help you further. 


Hope this helps. Take care 🙂 

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I've already posted this somewhere but the same thing happens to me, I've tried doing everything said in thw forums and nothing seems to work. 6 year user here....

I too face the same issue with my parents accounts. When I try loading up spotify offline on their accounts it does not work and to add to that each time I check the account status it shows as being -14 days remaining. Never had this issue before on any other plan.

hi, I’ve already tried deleting my cache and logging out the devices I don’t use and it still won’t let me listen to music offline 

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