One of Spotify Family accounts used by Turkish hackers

One of Spotify Family accounts used by Turkish hackers



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 My wife's Spotify account (which uses Facebook login) has apparently been hacked. She started seeing that her account is playin on another computer (all default Windows 10 PC hostnames, something like DESKTOP-45731AB) which we have no idea about, once we stop, it resumes playing. And the songs are some Turkish songs / Turkish rap which we NEVER listen. We have reset Facebook password, enabled Multi-factor Authentication and reset all applicaiton API tokens on Facebook (including Spotify) and re-authorized Spotify again. Now she has switched on her phone and Spotify is playing Turkish songs on some random PC again. Apparently, there's an issue on Spotify level, as Facebook did not notify about any logins on new devices plus it has MFA enabled. How do we get rid of those Turkish hackers who try to make Spotify fund their singers???

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Hey there @sb108,


Sorry to hear you're having this issue.

I'm adding the taken over accounts help guide here which all info needed to try and fix the issue.

If you've already tried all steps provided, you can always reach out to support (buttom of the page) for them to help quicker the issue you're having.


Hope this helps 😃

This happened to my family account about 16 months ago too. My email was bombarded with hundreds of junk and ads daily. Took me almost a month to unsubscribe from multiple sites and get rid of spam. I strongly recommend that Spotify start using MFA

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