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Other Family Plan member's music is playing on my device

Other Family Plan member's music is playing on my device

Hi there,


I have myself, my mom and my three siblings on a Family Plan. I just added my siblings today, and I was listening to music through the Spotify app on my phone. Midway through a song, the "devices" window pops up saying I can listen to music on my brother's phone. Then it switches to the song he was listening to, on my phone. Since we have separate accounts, even though it's on the same plan, I can't imagine why this would be happening. I have never had this problem with other members of my plan before. Please help!

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The only thing that comes to my mind is a quick log off log on. Could both of you try that. Just log off, wait a couple of seconds and log back in. Check that you aren't logging into the same account. 


Hope that helps!



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