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Parental controls

Parental controls

The earliest I saw was 2012 when this was first suggested. It's been 6 years and there is still no way to set parental controls on a family plan from the main account. When you add/edit people on an account there should be an option to set parental controls. It is mind boggling that there is no option for it. I'm already looking for alternatives since I'm not ok with letting kids listen to anything. But seriously. 6 years. 

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Hey @Dtrodriguez.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


You're right: this was an idea created back in 2012, and it has accumulated a lot of votes (I presume this is the one you're referring to). Spotify are taking this into consideration, and hopefully they will implement it soon, however we are not currently able to say when this will happen exactly.


To bear with us! Hopefully it won't be too long before you'll be able to have parental controls on Spotify. If you haven't voted for the idea in the thread, please do 🙂


Take care!

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