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Plan Familiar

Recientemente me uni a un plan familiar y no me mandaron el correo para verificar mi dirección. Me mandaron a spotify free. ¿Qué hago ahora?

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Hey @Alfredote, welcome to the Community!

We hope you don't mind if we reply in English. If you'd like help in Spanish, you can reach out to us via email.


Ask the admin of the plan to send you another invite to see if you have any trouble joining the plan again. If you do, give it a try using an incognito window to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.

Thanks cor the anssers but.... who is the admin and whede can I get his
data to sent my concern?

Con you explain me the incognito window process, please? 

Hey @Alfredote.


Incognito window is a browser page that restricts the usage of cache and cookies, which could help in these cases.


Depending on your browser, there are different ways to do this, so here's how to do this on a few browsers:


Let us know how it goes.

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