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Playlists for family members and assistants

Playlists for family members and assistants


Plan: Spotify for Family, 3 month trial (member account shows "Premium Family")

Location: Canada

Device: Google Assistant



The assistant does not recognize my family member's playlists.  He has created a playlist called "Favorites", and when asking the google assistant to "play my favorites playlist", it plays some other random content, usually someone else's playlist called "favorites".


However, if I (plan owner) repeat the same steps (create a playlist called Favorites, then ask google assistant to play it), it plays my "favorite" playlist.


I'm not sure what to try..  help please?



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Hey @Tim125 - help's here!


Just to confirm, could you let us know how Google Assistant is generating the Favorites playlist?


In the meantime, do you mind doing the following:

  • un-link all your Family members' accounts from their respective Google accounts
  • re-link them? You can do so by following the instructions in this support article.

Thanks! Keep us posted on your progress 🙂

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