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Premium Family + Google Family Link

Premium Family + Google Family Link


I recently signed up for Spotify, as my older son is getting into music.  He recently turned 13, so is eligible for a Spotify account, however his google account is still managed by me under Family Link. 

He doesn't have his own computer, or tablet, so his primary music listening is on a google home speaker.

I am trying to link his Spotify account to his voice so that our Google Home devices recognize him and will play his playlists, curate music for him, etc.  
However, when I go into the Google Home app to link his account, I get this error: 
"Can't access this service. This service is unavailable for Google Workspace for Education users who are under 18 and children under 13."

He is over 13, so I am not sure why I am getting this message.  The only thing I can think is maybe because he is still managed under Family Link?
I really wanted to go with Spotify over YouTube Music, but may be stuck if I can't solve this as music for my son was basically the entire reason for a paid subscription!

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I have the same issue! My child's Google account is still managed in Family Link and when I try to select Spotify as his default music service so he can use his own Spotify account, I get the same message in Google Home and Google Assistant.


"Can't access this service. This service is unavailable for Google Workspace for Education users who are under 18 and children under 13."


Is it Google or Spotify who is at fault?

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Based on what you folks are describing, this doesn't seem to be caused on our end. With Spotify, the accounts are already created and the issue is coming up when trying to link them with Google, so we suggest reaching out to them for further info.


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Agh, just realized I never posted an update!
So - I was able to get it to work, but ONLY because my kiddo is 13+.  

I had to go into Google (his account) and have him take ownership of his account.  (This becomes an option when they turn 13, but I hadn't done it since I knew I intended to keep monitoring his account.)   Then I was able to go into FamilyLink and put his account back under  monitoring. At 13 I guess this is a little different as they kind of 'consent' to monitoring, and they can turn it off (it locks their device and notifies you, so it's not like they then get free range on the device).  

Once I did all of that, I was able to connect his Google account to his Spotify account and it all works!  


I still really think there should be a way to do this for the younger crowd, but at least was able to get it to work for my older son!

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