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'Premium Family' -> '...different country'

'Premium Family' -> '...different country'

I am signed up  to Premium Family Plan. Trying to invite my daugther via an invite link. 

She enters exact same address (in the UK) as I have, but gets the error:


'It looks like you're trying to join Premium Family from a different country'


Sending the invite link to her iphone and trying to register via google log in. Addresses are exactly the same.


Tried from an iphone 11 as well as from chrome and firefox on desktop. Getting same error across browsers, devices. Any suggestions? 





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Hey @filpark,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!


First off, we'd recommend you make sure that the country set on each account matches the one on the Family Owner's account. Your daughter can double check that on her account page. 


Secondly, you can go ahead and update the Address on the Owner account and try sending an invitation link again. She needs to make sure she Logged out everywhere, following the instructions here. After that,  open the link from the e-mail again. When she's redirected to the account page, she'll see a confirmation screen. Enter the correct details there and click on SUBMIT.

Note: We usually recommend using an incognito window as it doesn't keep that info saved. 


In case she's still unable to join the Premium Family plan after this, we'd recommend contacting our Customer support directly so they can check and help you further. This could be account-related and we cannot access users' accounts from the Community. 


Hope this helps,



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I am getting the error that me and my family members are not in the same country - which is ridiculous, as all settings are made for the same country - Bulgaria.

Hey @11185538158,


Thank you for your reply. We hope you don't mind that we've moved it here.


Could you please take a look at my previous response and try what I suggested - doublechecking countries, updating the address and asking your family members to accept the invite in an incognito window? 


If you can’t find your address, try selecting the nearest street name or a close landmark and make sure to let your family members know which address you entered, because they will be asked to confirm the exact same address to join the plan. Please don't use someone else's address 🙂


If you're still getting an error - let us know. We'll be happy to help out further! 

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Thank you!

Eventually, I reached customer support. It turned out that the new family
member that I created was created wrongly in another country due to the
proxy at the office.

Once I got home, I was able to select the country correctly.

The problem for me was resolved. The message was a bit misleading and it
took a while for the customer support to nail it down but he did eventually
and all is fine now.

Thank you!

Hey @11185538158,

Thanks for letting us know that everything is working fine for your Spotify Family subscription now.
We hope that there will be no more issues, but the Community is also here for you if need be.

Cheers 🙂

Kiril Moderator
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Duo premium 

Operating System

(Android 12 on a Samsung galaxy s10+)


My Question or Issue

I signed up for duo premium 

I invited my roommate but when she tried to accept my invite

It claims she's in another country and to try again 

I didn't know another room in the same house is another country 

She entered the exact same address as Me but it won't allow her to accept my invitation 

My debit card used to pay is listed to the exact same address as my Spotify address 

We've tried on & off the wifi to accept the invites all with the same exact result 

I switched from a individual premium account prior to this 

I'm going to add screenshots showing the address & the message she keeps getting 

I have the same. The issue is your country needs to be set to the same country. See the thread Changing Your Country Settings - The Spotify Community

However I did this and considering I have the premium account I need to wait 1 month to see if it worked. I don't think I should have to wait 1 month. Could someone give some advice?

It the correct country as its should be 

I'm  not anywhere except the United States 

Never been anywhere else 


Hey folks,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


We hope you don't mind us moving your post as it fits better here in this thread.


That being said, @Kind_Budz, we've gone ahead and edited your post, since it contained personal info. Keep in mind this is a public space, so, to keep your personal data secure, we've deleted some of the screenshots you kindly sent us. Remember you shouldn't post any personal info here in the Community.


Keep in mind, the error message you see is most likely related to the country or region not matching both the accounts of users who want to share a plan. To check if that is the case, you can advise your roommate to go to her account page> Country or region to verify if she has set the same country or region as you. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.


@Tr1pji, if you'd like, you can contact our Customer Support team, so they can help you explore further options. You can find how to contact them here. Remember if you still want to change your country or region, you can cancel the plan and wait until the plan is free to make the change or update your payment method to one that's issued in the country/region you're now. 


Keep us in the loop!

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We just ended up creating a new account 

Then I resent an invite & it allowed her join 

I appreciate the help and  advice with this issue

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