Premium Family not working on ios app, but it is on the web player

Premium Family not working on ios app, but it is on the web player


Family Premium




iPad 6th gen

Operating System

ios 12


My Question or Issue

I upgraded my account to premium family.  After inviting my daughter and accepting the invitation, she doesn't have premium access on her ipad tablet.  If she logs in to the online web player, she does?  What am I missing?

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There's a possibility that your daughter has the wrong account logged in her iPad Tablet.


I recommend her to log out of the current account that is connected to her iPad and make sure she logs back in using the same account as the web player, she can find information about the account that is on the Family Plan on her subscription page.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

I double checked her account and it is correct. What's even stranger is
below her username, it says subscription is premium, however when I search
for any artist, I don't see any albums? I can only suffle the artist's


Can you please share a screenshot of how this artist's page looks like? 

Also, it would be helpful if you could tell me the device she's using + installed version of Spotify.

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