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Premium family account invitation mail doesn't get through

Premium family account invitation mail doesn't get through

Hey Spotify Team,


my boyfriend has a family premium account and tries to send me an invitation. Yes we live at the same adress. The emailadress is right but i just don´t get the mail. it is not in junk or **bleep**. we tried it 3 times. what can we do?

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Hey @ethc,


Have you boyfriend tried by sending you the invitation through a desktop or another device? Try with a different network might help to solve this.


Additionally, I know you already tried many times, but please make sure the domain he wrote is correctly 🙂


Let me know if this works,




so now after 8 hours the invitation mail got through but after tiping in my adress spotify tells me that i´m not allowed to join this family premium account. i only have a free account. my boyfriend has the same adress in his account. what else could be wrong? what can we do?





What's the error you're receiving when accept the invitation? You can also try to accept through an incognito window.


Sometimes, the system needs to made a second verification. To do so, please reach Spotify Support by clicking in here.


Make sure to add your email address on your message. Then, one advisor will kindly assist you to make the verification.


Regards 🙂

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