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Premium family member issue

Premium family member issue






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I would like to ask about issue we had on my Family account. My sister-in-law was added in my family plan. The problem was she was kicked out because adress could not be confirmed. When she did confirm it, it still did not work. We made her new account now and I would like to know if is there some way to approve her before it kicks her out again? Or how to approach this issue. Thank you for answers in advance.

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Hey there @gromthar,

thanks for posting in the community !


You can require all info needed on Premium for Family here.

However, sometimes the information given (regarding the users’ addresses) don’t match the ones they have.

The data might be incorrect or outdated, which leads to the removal of some users.


If this happens again (which i believe won't) please reach out to support using this contact page and have them sort it out for you once and for all.


Let me know if you have further questions 😃

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