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Premium family plan changed to FREE

Premium family plan changed to FREE



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 I'm currently havibg trouble with my family plan subscription. Previously I was subscribed through an invite I received from the family plan owner. Initially it was fine where I could listen to all the songs but suddenly it changed to free and I don't know what was the cause. I already asked the plan owner to reinvite but it says that I was unable to join eventhough I live in the same physical address as his. Can you guys please help me out? I think that Spotify need to verify me or something.

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Hey @rafiqahrosa.


Could you send us a screenshot of the error you're getting when joining the Family plan?


In the meantime, try joining again using an incognito window or a different browser to see if it helps.


As a last resource, try asking the owner to cancel the current invite, and send you a new  one using an incognito window as well.


Let us know how it goes.

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