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Premium for Family issue

Premium for Family issue

Plan: Premium

Country:  UK


I have just purchased Premium for Family and have added my fiancee to the plan.  She has an e-mail with a link however what do we do after this point?


Do I get her to login in from her device with my email and password?

If no, what do she need to do?

If yes, how does she get her own playlist as all she can see is mine when she has logged in under my username?


Many Thanks


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Hey @GaryG79,


Welcome to the Community. I hope you're doing great.


Members of a Family Plan can use their individual accounts. 


Make sure you send the invitation to her email address and she will log into her own Spotify account to join the plan.



Thank for the response,


I have sent the e-mail to her e-mail account.


When she clicks the link, will she need to create a new account?

If she does, it currently says her e-mail has already been used.




If there's a possibility that she may have second account, I recommend you sending her to this article.


She can log in using her current account if it's an individual one, just make sure you send the invitation to the email address connected to her account.

(If you were sharing an account with her then she will have to create a new one).


If the invitation doesn't work please consider copying the link and pasting it into the web browser manually, or trying it on a different browser/Incognito Window.



Thanks for the reply,


She now has access to her spotify however it is still only showing as the free subscription when she originally signed up?


Any ideas?

Hi, I'm sorry for the delay.

Did you already get her in the plan?

I recommend you to send her an invitation again, and make sure all of her account address details match with yours.

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