Re: Family Members removed from main account

Re: Family Members removed from main account


I have exactly the same problem.  All three of my childrens family premium should dere removed yesterday.  All payments paid on time. I have had no emails from Spotify informing me of any problems or pending cancellation.  Very frustrated.  Kids worried their playlists are gone forever... (and all suffering from Spotify abstinence).  PLEASE HELP!

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Just login to your account and re-invite them again from the Family Plan area. I had to do this and everything worked just fine, all playlists where still there for each user.


Still the mystery remains: WHY DID IT HAPPEN!!??


Hey @Hillsnorway.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this. We're here to help!


Don't worry - none of your kids' playlists have been lost after the downgrade! 


If you weren't able to reinvite them, the best way to go about it is to get in touch with our Customer Support team here, who will be able to take a look at their accounts and see what's happening backstage, and make any necessary changes so that you're able to reinvite them.


To answer your question @milespritzker - sometimes the app has trouble verifying the location of the members of a Family plan, and as a precautionary measure it removes the members from the plan. This is an issue that a lot of Premium for Family users experience, but fortunately it can easily be fixed. Glad to hear you were able to reinvite your members in the end!

Let us know if either of you have any other questions about this. We'll be right here to help you out 🙂

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