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Re: Family Premium Bug

Re: Family Premium Bug

I am in the same situation as you guys in the above and have already tried to get into contact Spotify over 24 hours ago and have had nothing back!!!


We have also just renewed Family Premium for the month, and invitations have been sent out:

- My brother is able to accept the invite and his premium works fine.

- I have accepted my invite (my parents set up the family premium) yet it is telling me after - despite accepting through the confirmation email - that I am not able to join because I haven't accepted the invite?? Yet on my parent's account it tells them I am now an active member of the family account??? YET my own spotify is still not premium.. Repeated resent invites have already been sent out to fix this problem, but no luck.

- My other brother is not able to recieve invites full-stop and wasn't able to set up a "Community" account because he wasn't able to recieve the verification email!! Despite being able to recieve emails from other organisations and people (so the email mustn't be the problem!). 


It's irritating because we have never had these problems before and as we've starting paying for another month, we'd not like it to be wasted. 

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Hey @Rice02, help's here. 


It sounds like you might've accepted the invite with a second account. You can check which email address they've invited by letting the owner log in to the account page, go to Premium for Family, and click your name. The email address should be there, and you can try logging in with that email address and password to see if you end up on a different account. 


Also check out this help article on how to find other accounts you may have.


Regarding your other brother, ask him to check his spam folder for any Spotify-related emails. You can even ask your parents to send an invitation to another email address that he can access. It doesn't matter if it's not connected to his Spotify account, as long as he logs in with his own account when accepting the invitation. 


Let us know how it goes! 

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