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Recommendations (please) for managing family Spotify accounts across household devices

Recommendations (please) for managing family Spotify accounts across household devices

Plan: Family premium

Country: UK


Device: all sorts of Mac, pc, iPhone, car devices, Alexa etc.


My Question or Issue:N

My wife is being driven mad by our children messing with her Spotify experience! The kids are being driven mad by not being able to access their choices/accounts on Alexa and other shared devices...the car is another whole heap of arguments!!


My proposed solution is to have a shared Spotify account that is logged in for all the shared household devices. Personal devices, or, for example, Alexa's in children's bedrooms have their personal account active. Sadly, this pleases no one as no one can  listen to what they want across the house / car etc....


Has anyone got any better recommendations for family account management please?

Or, is there a timeline for Spotify to add a VERY simple way to move between family member accounts?


Thanks all!







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Hey there @Cromm,


Thanks for reaching out on the Community!


It is a bit more complicated to get the music to flow as perfectly when it comes to multiple people using the same speaker and the same Amazon account especially with Alexa devices. We usually recommend taking a look here to see how an Amazon Household works as that is one of the ways to make things go smoother.


Another good way would be to try and control the speaker through another device - let's say use a phone or tablet as a remote and choose which speaker needs to be active - as most Alexa devices can be used both with our Connect feature and bluetooth as well.


Finally, we do have an idea about changing the way accounts with Alexa speakers similar to what you are suggesting. So you can leave a vote here and subscribe for updates as soon as we have anything to share.


Hope this info helps!

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