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Removing family from account

Removing family from account



Premium for family





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I would like to know why Spotify kicked all my family members off my plan. Just because we have different last names?? How did you verify that we dont all live at the same address?? Is this what I am paying for, to feel like we are bring discriminated against because we have different last names... I have read several other posts regarding the same issue. How does Spotify determine what is family and what is not?? I think you had better figure out a way to actually determine who lives together and who doesn't before families switch to different music platforms. I am adding my family back on my account now, please dont delete them again because you assume we dont all live together.


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Hey @BKMcLeod, help's here.


We understand your concerns. We want to assure you that having the same last name is not one of the criteria for being part of the same family plan. 


All members of a Premium for Family plan must reside at the same physical address.

If we’re unable to verify the members of a Premium for Family plan, they are removed from the plan. We do send out emails to users to verify their eligibility. It might happen that your members either didn't see this email, it ended up in the spam folder, or they've registered email address on their accounts which they do no use or monitor often. 


We suggest that you send out new invitations, and make sure that each one of the members logs in on their account page to make sure they have a valid email address that they use.


Hope that helps, and let us know if there's anything else.

You did not send out emails to the family members as my youngest daughter is signed up with my work email because she is too young to have her own, and I run my other daughters email account and read all the messages minimum once a week. There were never any notifications or verifictions sent out or we wouldnt be having this issue as I would have verified them. Maybe you should work on an actual verification process before removing family members that includes contacting the account  holder before you remove family members.

Hey @BKMcLeod.


Thanks for getting back to us, and apologies for the confusion.


In that case, could you get in touch with our Customer Support team here on behalf of your family members? They will be able to take a look at their accounts and see what's happening backstage, and then suggest what to do next in order to get them back on your plan.


Hope that helps! Let us know how you get on. If you have any other questions in the meantime, we'll be happy to answer them here 🙂

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