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Songs from my siblings’ accounts included in playlists that aren’t “Family Mix”

Songs from my siblings’ accounts included in playlists that aren’t “Family Mix”

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Pretty much what it says in the subject :(. When i search for top songs of previous years the songs of my siblings (which i have never listened to on this account) come up. But the  playlists i have saved to my account from last year have the songs i have actually listened to. I have attachments below (please don’t judge my music taste, i know it’s one note & that note is mitski) of the issue with the “Top Songs of 2020” . The first is the one that comes up in search & the second is the one saved to my account. i couldn’t upload the second picture here is the playlist:


tl;dr my siblings listening history data is on my account & im asking if there’s a way to fix it :,(


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Hi @megaylodon,


Thank you for posting on the Community, and welcome!


Since the yearly Wrapped contains the listening history played throughout the years, unfortunately there's not a way to change that list once the algorithm has enough data.


There's a possibility that your account was opened on some of your sibling's devices and that's why you're seeing their music on your account. In this case, we suggest you head to your Account Overview, scroll to the bottom and click on Sign out everywhere. 


Let us know if you have any questions.

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