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Hi There,


We have multiple Sonos devices at home (Sonos One, Five, Move etc) and we have Spotify family with 4 active accounts (Me, Wife, Kids). My family are comfortable using the Spotify connect app on iOS. We would like to use that to play our music on our Sonos system. We would like to be able to play different music in different rooms simultaneously.


Like many other people we have a problem that despite starting off with our individual accounts logged in on Spotify Connect on our respective phones and all the Spotify accounts configured on Sonos, eventually everyone ends up with my primary account logged in on their phone, playing music through that.


This inevitably ends up with people cutting off other people's music in the house and out and about. It also ruins my recommendations.


I believe that it would be possible to use the Sonos iOS app with Spotify and make sure the correct account is selected each time, but it's not as fully featured and doesn't meet our needs. I also understand that I can airplay from an iOS device to Sonos but I would like to make use of native Sonos capabilities. Also I don't want to have to police everyone and make sure that they are using it "the right way" - it doesn't make for a good experience.


I've looked through the queries here and on the Sonos site and I've yet to see a good description of how to live with Sonos/Spotify family/Spotify connect that avoids this issue. My feeling is that this configuration is not workable but if someone can explain how to get a Spotify account to "stick" to an instance of Spotify Connect I would be overjoyed.


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Hi there @buckie10,


Thank you for reaching out to us here in the Community. We're happy to help.


If music gets interrupted, it could be because the Sonos speakers are set up as a group and the group is selected from the Spotify app so it ends up disconnecting everyone who is accessing individual speakers.

Can you check if everyone is logged into their respective Spotify accounts on the Spotify app and if Sonos is set up properly in the Sonos app?

If this is the case and you see a speaker group and an individual speaker, selecting the individual speaker should start playback from it, associated with the individual account.

It might be worth to try and removing any groups to check if this works better. It could be that as long as a group is created, all speakers function as one, which leads to the issue.


We'd recommend reaching out to Sonos for any possible solutions to that or just to provide the feedback so that it can be improved in the future.


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