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Spotify Connect not working for all family members

Spotify Connect not working for all family members




PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone

Operating System

Win10, Unix, Android




we have issues with spotify connect and it seems to be a problem with the accounts inside the family plan. We have quite a few devices that we are using but it seems impossible to get them all listed in spotify connect. So our main problem is that we can't connect from any account, on the same wifi,  for example to the onkyo receiver.

So it looks like this (all on the same lan/wifi):

Phone 1 (Account 1): can connect to Onkyo receiver and PC

PC (Account 1): can connect to Onkyo receiver and Phone 1

Phone 2(Account 2): doesn't lists Onkyo receiver and any other device with account 1, just able to connect to laptop(Account 2)

Laptop (Account 2): doesn't lists Onkyo receiver and any other device with account 1, just able to connect to Phone 2(Account 2)


To make this even more complicated...i'm runnig kodi with libspotify, connected to an amplifier. All devices running account 1 can see and connect to libspotify...all devices running account 2 don't see libspotify...again...all devices are on the same lan/wifi


Is there any fix for this, so that account1 and account2 on any devices can see and connect to the receiver and to libspotify?

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Hey there @horo,

Thanks for reaching out to the Community.

We have to agree that your set up is rather unique and intricate one! We're not sure if our troubleshooting efforts here will be able to help. 


As you explain the situation, this could well involve an issue with the specific Onkyo device and we believe it's also worthwhile to reach out to the manufacturer's support team for more info on their end.

Regarding the use of Libspotify, we can't guarantee or support the normal functioning of our app in the presence of it, as this is a third-party app and we have no control over its behavior and functionalities. 


Hope this gets sorted out soon. If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.

Kiril Moderator
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