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Spotify Connect to Amazon Echo issues

Spotify Connect to Amazon Echo issues


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We have a Family Premium account, I am the Plan Manager, my wife is a Plan member.  We have many Amazon Echo/Echo Dots throughout the house.  She is signed into her Spotify Account on her phone.  She can see a list of all the Amazon Devices when she goes to connected devices.  She can start music and chose one of those speakers and play her spotify music there. 


On my phone I am signed into my spotify account, I can not see the Amazon Devices.  I used to (a month or so ago) be able to say "Amazon Spotify Connect" and this device would show up in my available devices list.  This no longer works.  I signed out of her spotify on her device and signed in as myself and the available devices went away.  They are definitely tied to her account in some way.  I have gone into the Amazon app and unlinked the account, reset the devices and relinked the account with no luck.  

I have removed Spotify from my phone, deleting everything, re-installed, still no luck.

I am running out of ideas.

All the devices are on the same wi-fi.  


What else can we try?  What could have possibly changed in the last month or two to prevent this from working?


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i have similar problems.

2 Amazon Acounts linked to a household. And a Spotify Partner Account.

I have a dozen of Echo devices and they only appear on my Phone/Account.

Everything is configured as mentioned with skills and so on.

When I say "connect spotify" to a Echo, it tells me the linking progress and suddenly appears on the phone (Spotify App) from my wife. Then she can select it and push her musik to it. But sometimes it works for 2 songs or an hour. It differs every time. Then she gets disconnected and the Echo device dissapears till the next voice command to alexa to connect spotify. With my Phone/Account the problem does not occure. I have the primary Amazon and Spotify Account.

We use Android devices and I have granted your app all permissions and disabled all energy saving settings for it. Also we did a clean reinstall and reconnected all skills and Accounts.


Thank you for your help.


Kind regards,




Hey @shawndriscol and @AndreasBo,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community.


We recommend that you resynch your Amazon and Spotify accounts, this tends to solve issues like the ones you're describing. To that end you can follow these steps:

  1. Unlink your Spotify account from the Alexa app.
  2. Perform a clean reinstall of both the Spotify and Alexa apps. You can find instructions on how to do this for Spotify here
  3. Link both accounts anew. This Support page can help.

Also note that  only one Spotify account can control the music with voice commands within the same Amazon account. You can find more useful info on how Spotify works on Alexa and Echo devices here.


Hope you find this useful. Let us know how you get on.

Mihail Moderator
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