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Spotify Connect working ONLY with one account

Spotify Connect working ONLY with one account



Me and my wife have 2 Premium accounts (linked to the same Family account), and used Spotify Connect on our Cambridge Audio (Minx II) device in the living room: both were able to see the Connect device and start playing music.


However since a couple of weeks I am no longer able to see the Cambridge Audio Connect device nor on my mobile (iOS) nor on my desktop (Mac), while my wife is able to see the same device from her mobile (iOS) and play music.


I have the latest app version, network is the same, tried resetting the Minx II factory settings, log out/in from both my mobile and desktop, but unfortunately still cannot see that Connect device.

We have another Connect device (Sonos), which we are both able to see and stream.


Anyone could help me in understanding what is going on and how to fix this?


Thanks in advance!




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Since a couple of days we have the same issue, using Spotify Connect on our Denon AVR-X3100W receiver. I could connect to it when logged into my account (whether I use my phone or my wife’s), and my wife couldn’t. 
Today I managed to get it working again:

- I signed out of all my devices, using the Spotify web page

- unplugged my Denon from the power for a minute

- after powering the Denon my wife could connect to it in the Spotify app. 

- and after logging in again I could as well 🙂

Just my two cents in case it might help others…

Hi, one possible solution that worked for me:

- log in to spotify on the device/account that can connect to your speaker

- select the respective device

- start a joint session

- join the session with the device/account that could not connect to the speaker

- switch control to the now connected device and leave the session

- the connection should stay intact

Hope that helps!

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