[Spotify Fam] I have to renew payment and re-inviting members again every month ?

[Spotify Fam] I have to renew payment and re-inviting members again every month ?

I subscriped to spotify family 1 month ago. But today it says unable to process payment and all family's invitations are gone while my credit balnce is actually more than enough for the payment. I understand that sometimes it's hard to process the payment via Credit card automatically and i'm ok with the task which i have to process the payment myself every month. But i don't really understand why i have to do all these family's invitations again too ? So I expect that this is what i have to do again every month from now on ? Does this even make sense ?


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Hey there @Fnckyouspotify,


Thanks for reaching out in the Community!


Keep in mind that in order to subscribe to Premium for Family, you need a recurring payment method. 


If a regular monthly Spotify payment doesn’t go through on the usual renewal date, you’ll receive an email notification but you won't immediately lose your subscription. We’ll keep trying to take the payment over the next few days. During that time, your family members won't be removed from the plan and you'll have Premium features.


You can read more info in this support site article.


If we're still having troubles after that and your account reverts back to Free, you'll need to upgrade to Premium for Family anew, if you wish. If that happens, you can follow the steps here to send new invites to your family members.


On another note, it's also possible to change your billing date if you'd like. You can check this support site article for more info.


Let us know how you get on 🙂

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